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DIMMALA was founded in November 2019. It started with its first project with dancers from a Township in Johannesburg, South Africa, where the dance Pantsula is widely spread. For many years we have accompanied workshops and performances in Switzerland. The effects this cultural exchange had were so wonderful, that the demand kept getting higher. This lead to the decision in 2019 to take up a challenge, formally start an association, deepen the concept and see how far it will take us. We are three young Swiss women with backgrounds in social sciences, event management, education and tourism. The name DIMMALA was inspired by our first project. It means to fill something with color in the language of Sesotho, which is the mother tongue of many dancers in the Township in South Africa.

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DIMMALA is an association dedicated to the exposure of Swiss people to different cultures. The aim is to enhance exchange, interact and through this open up minds and broaden horizons. Different perspectives on life as well as similarities shall be highlighted. Any form of art, whether it be dancing, singing or more, acts as a means of exchange. This exchange is a two way street. Foreigners may also learn and grow through the experience. Taking up projects in less fortunate places of the world, DIMMALA wants to support local people. This may help to generate jobs, can offer a new sense of independence and is an opportunity to see something new. Through art DIMMALA wants to create a sense of unity between Swiss and foreigners, while at the same time reflect on different perspectives on life. 


Our core currently consists of three Swiss women but thanks to so many helpers around us DIMMALA continues to exist and flourish.


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